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Career Coaching

Our professional coaching services are rooted in empirically-based research coming out of the field of positive psychology, the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. Together, we'll help you to assess your strengths, identify your professional goals, develop an action plan for attaining them, and conquer the obstructions that have previously gotten in your way. 

Training and Mentoring

We help businesses, law firms, schools, sales teams and community organizations get the most out of their employees and team members by developing internal associate training and mentoring programs. These programs are designed to allow organizations to draw upon the existing strengths of their employees to engage them and create an environment of productivity and success, while reducing burn-out and turnover. 

Workshops and Keynotes

Whether it's a multi-day workshop for a small team or a keynote address before thousands, our consultants combine substantive information with illustrative anecdotes that keep audience members engaged and entertained throughout their presentations. We have presented to a variety of professional groups, including lawyers, salespeople, management, policy makers, teachers and students.


Working Strong

Research suggests that using your strengths routinely increases your energy, job satisfaction and overall wellbeing. However, only one-third of professionals report using their strengths on a daily basis. This interactive presentation helps attendees identify their strengths and discover new, energizing ways to use them at work, thereby increasing professional engagement, productivity and overall satisfaction. 

Thriving in the Workplace

It is scientifically proven that cultivating wellbeing is within our power. This informative presentation identifies proven strategies for increasing one's wellbeing in and outside of the workplace.

Building Resilience

Thriving requires resilience--a set of cognitive, emotional and behavioral skills that can be learned, mastered and employed to take advantage of opportunities, overcome challenges and bounce back from adversities. This unique workshop is designed to be an intimate opportunity for attendees to learn new skills and practice them in a supportive environment, with tips and aids to achieve mastery even after the program concludes.


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