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Candice Reed, Principal Consultant

In addition to serving as a consultant and coach, Candice Reed is a lawyer, businesswoman and one of the first 150 people to receive a Master of Applied Positive Psychology degree under the tutelage of Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania. She primarily assists lawyers and their organizations on issues relating to wellbeing, workplace engagement, professional development, and career satisfaction and transition. She founded Positive Creed Consulting in 2011. 

Candice began her professional career as an adult education teacher and subsequently received her law degree from The University of Tennessee College of Law. After practicing business litigation with the law firm of Miller & Martin PLLC for five years, she then began her work within the legal services industry in an executive leadership role at Counsel On Call. There, she managed the daily operations and sales activity of the company’s home office in Nashville, TN and simultaneously served as VP for Recruitment and Placement, training and overseeing corporate employees nationwide. 

In 2008, while continuing to work full-time, Candice also began studying positive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. For years, she had listened to colleagues and other lawyers complain about their jobs. They often talked about what they thought would make them happy. “If only I could find a job that allowed me to work just 30 or 40 hours a week, I would be so happy.” “If only I could go in-house . . . .” “If only I could find a job with a set schedule . . . .” “If only I didn’t have to bill my time in six-minute increments . . . .” “If only my clients would pay their bills on time . . . .” The overwhelming majority of people seemed to believe that a new job would solve all of their problems. And for some, it did. But for many, their unhappiness followed them into their new positions, because while their surroundings or circumstances changed, their thinking and view of the world (as well as themselves) did not. Candice wanted to help her colleagues see beyond their jobs and become reengaged in their professions . . . and their lives. 

In early 2011, she founded Positive Creed Consulting to work with lawyers and other professionals on topics related to professional development and wellbeing. Candice also returned to her professional roots the same year and served as Chief Ethics Officer and in-house counsel for a large corporation until 2015, when she joined former law school classmate and friend Ross Booher in a new business venture. In addition to consulting, Candice now serves as Senior Vice President at Latitude, which offers life-changing positions to experienced attorneys and paralegals and cost-savings to corporate legal departments and law firms.


Her top five signature strengths (as measured by the VIA Survey of Character Strengths) are:  (1) Curiosity and Interest in the World; (2) Judgment, Critical Thinking, and Open-Mindedness; (3) Social Intelligence; (4) Humor and Playfulness; and (5) Perspective (Wisdom). And the capacity to love and be loved is a close sixth.


The University of Tennessee, J.D., 2000
The University of Pennsylvania, M.A.P.P., 2009
The University of Tennessee, B.A., 1996

American Bar Association
Tennessee Bar Association
Nashville Bar Association
Lawyers' Association for Women
International Positive Psychology Association

The University of Tennessee College of Law, Adjunct Professor 

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Advisory Board Member
Tennessee Bar Association, Attorney Well-being Committee & YLD Fellow
Lawyers' Association for Women, Newsletter Columnist & Past President

Safe Haven Family Shelter, Volunteer

Renewal House, Volunteer

Honors & Distinctions
Nashville Business Journal's 40 Under 40
Tennessee Bar Association Leadership Law, Class of 2008
Summa Cum Laude (UT) & Magna Cum Laude (UT College of Law) 

What Clients Say

Big Picture Thinking

"Candice has a keen ability to understand and evaluate situations in the workplace from a legal and business standpoint. The thoughtful decisions she makes reflect her business savvy, composure and 'big picture' thinking. Candice demonstrates the highest work ethic on a daily basis, and she brings out the best in those who have the privilege of working with her."  

Enthusiasm and Drive

"Candice brings her enthusiasm and drive to every project. Whatever Candice is involved with will reap outstanding results."

Helping People Enjoy Their Jobs More

"Candice has a unique ability to pull together a room of people with her energetic personality and enthusiasm. I am fortunate enough to have heard Candice speak on many occasions and always walk away knowing that Candice has helped many people enjoy their jobs and be more engaged in their lives."